Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

What a wonderful and busy weekend we had! 

It all began on Friday when we began selling shaved ice at our local farmer's market!  We were slammed for 45 minutes and then we ran out of ice! Lesson learned...this week we'll be better prepared.

Airlie at Gwinnett Braves Game

Then on Saturday I worked while Matthew took the girls to a birthday party.  He left the party and went to Babci and Granddad's house to install the outdoor speakers we gave Granddad several years ago...installation served as this year's Father's Day gift!

Ella's cheesy grin

Matt met me at the house after work and we headed over to the ball field for some lawn seats to see the Gwinnett Braves.  The lawn seats are great because the kids got to play on a number of jumpies located behind the lawn.  Concessions and potties are pretty close too!  We had a great time.

Me and Mini Me...aka cousin Alex and Ella~bean

Then on Sunday we woke up and had omeletts for breakfast.  Matthew opened presents; a new hammock, swim shorts, a bar set and a koozie decorated by Ella.

After breakfast we packed up and headed to the water park at Lake Lanier.  After a couple of hours of fun and sun we headed home so the Peep could have a nap.  Matt and I sat out on the deck enjoying the sun.  We gave the bean a squirt bottle with water in it and she kept up sufficiently doused.

Two rib eyes from the NY Butcher's shop and some fantastic mushrooms and potatoes later we were stuffed and happy.  Then we set up the sprinkler up in the front yard.  The Bean played while I took the peep up for a bath and bedtime. 

Our neighbors joined us in the driveway for sprinkler fun...and they brought sparklers.  All in all one of the better Father's Day weekends in recent memory.

Hope everyone had a lovely day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Girl Cup

AJ is getting the hang of the sippy cup.  She still gets most of her fluid from a bottle but we're beginning the transition and she seem interested.  She can also drink out of a straw which was and is Ella's preferred method of drinking.  But we'll try the sippy cup for a while longer and see what happens.  So big!

Feeding Sissie

Ella asked if she could give AJ a bottle the other day and although I knew it probably wouldn't work I couldn't resist letting her try. It was such a sweet and nurturing request.  Airlie took the bottle a little bit but Ella was so excited she kept giggling...which ended in laughter all around.  Ahhh...precious moments.

Vacation Bible School

Wearing her official t-shirt..thanks Aunt Durene!

Ella had a great time at Vacation Bible School this summer.  We kept referring to it as Vacation Bible Party because I didn't want her to really regard it as school. I wanted her to know it would be fun and short-term.  This year's theme at our church was BAOBAB Blast!  The Baobab tree lives in Africa so each classroom had an animal mascot, the halls were decorated like the jungle and the kids did animal themed crafts.  Each day also had its own theme which was fun...and a little bit of work for Mommy...but we had the best time! Ella's class was the Cheerful Cheetahs!  For some reason she was put in the Kindergarten class but she fit right in and had fun.  The only problem she thinks she's completed Kindergarten...oops!

Crazy Hair, pink and sparkly

Silly sock day...Sponge Bob fits the bill

Paint your face like an animal day...Cheetah of course...not so cheerful

Silly Hat Day!

At the Lake

Steele, Ella and Maddie

As I've said before on this's so fun, interesting and surreal when my kids play with the children of my oldest and dearest friends.  We went to my friend LeAnne's family's lake house one afternoon and had a great time.  But...seeing as I've known "the little red-headed girl" since third makes me stop in my tracks a bit when our kids are playing together.

Airlie and Daddy back at the Lake House

Fishing Frenzy!

Free kids fishing day at Jones Bridge Park turned out to be quite an eventful day!  Ella technically caught her first fish last summer at Ed and Ginny's place so let's just say this was her first fishing adventure this year!

Airlie watches her sister from the river bank

Uncle David and Aunt Brooke got her a Barbie fishing pole for Christmas and she has been asking to go fishing for a long time.  In fact...we went to this event this year but we missed out on the poles that were available to borrow so Ella spent her time watching other kids catch fish. Not this time!

She was serious as she entered the water and she and Matt made their way to the rock.  It was crowded but she was determined.  A kind older gentleman (whom we later found out was one of the volunteers) told Matt his hook was too large and his bate was all wrong.  Shortly after making a few adjustments Ella got her first of two catches!!  She netted two beautiful Rainbow Trout, and naturally she loved the name!

The nice man cleaned them for us right there on the river bank.  We ate them that night for dinner, yum!

Oh...and while we were gathering our belongings and headed for the water...Ella blew her first bubble with bubble gum.  She is literally growing up before our eyes!

All That is Ella

If someone asked me to provide a picture of our Ella that summed up who she is at 4 and a half I'd have to say this one hits the nail on the head!
We came home from the neighborhood Farmer's Market one day to find a little turtle in the garage.  Yes she wore the Cinderella get up to help pick out squash!

At any she stood there with her fancy dress, freshly painted rainbow cheek (courtesy of the local gymnastics studio), holding a turtle and hoping his little head would pop out I thought to myself...that's my girl.

We took the turtle down to the woods in our yard and watched him for a while.  His head started to come out but I think it sense Ella's presence and stayed pretty much within the safe shell.  I told her turtles are slow and if we went in for dinner we could probably come back out afterwards and visit him.  She agreed.  Too bad that turtle got the heck out of dodge...he was nowhere to be found.  But this picture is just priceless to me.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Newfound Mobility

Airlie started crawling on May 24th.  A few days later she started pulling to a stand.  She is really on the move now and so proud of herself.  We have re-discovered all the hazards that go along with a mobile baby. For instance...all the tiny Barbie pieces that could go directly down a wind pipe.  Oh...and all of my pretty nightlights around the house and febreeze plug-ins have just become way too interesting for the little peep so they all have to go.  And just yesterday Ella went downstairs to the basement to tell Matt we were back from the pool.  I put the baby down and went to start dinner.  I had instructed Ella to go upstairs and put some dry clothes on.  The next thing I know I hear Airlie's voice...with a strange echo to it.  Matt heard it too and the same horrifying thought struck us at the same time, "THE BASEMENT DOOR IS OPEN!"

We reached her at the same time and exhaled with great gusto when she was removed from what would have been a trip to the emergency room...or worse.

But...when all dangers (including flashing rings/see video) are supervised or removed from the mine field which is now our house...she is a cute crawler and so proud of are we!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Coming Soon....

Airlie's crawling! She started crawling May 24th...a month and one day after her first birthday!  Shortly thereafter she pulled to a stand.  I have not gotten video of the crawling but I'll make it my mission when she gets up from her afternoon nap!!  We're so excited...but there's still so much baby-proofing to do.

Ella on the Zipline!

Preschool Awards Ceremony

Last week was a busy one at Ella's preschool...which actually began the preceding Friday when I helped with the Teacher's Appreciation Luncheon. I was happy to organize live entertainment, make pens into flowers, paint terracotta pots, organize desserts and bake goodies.  What I was not prepared for was the excitement that is substitute teaching.  Our teachers deserve a little break to enjoy one another and some good food so I was happy to help.  However, after subbing for just an hour and a half I think they need more than a luncheon!!

So excited entering the room

After receiving her award

Anyway...Ella had a final day of school on Wednesday which ended in an awards ceremony.  Her class sang a few adorable songs and then the teachers gave out candy bar awards.  The teachers gave the kids candy that symbolized their personalities.  Ella got the starburst award for her dazzling blue eyes and because, as her teacher Miss Tara described, "even when she's not wearing sparkles she shines!"

So grown up

She was so tickled and excited!!  Matt and I were fighting back tears of pride!!

Miss Chris and Miss Tara

With the "little peep" and Starburst girl

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Airlie On the Move...

She's been diagnosed with low muscle tone so she's not off to the races as early as her big sis...but just this week she invented her own way of moving about and she is pretty quick!  And she's so proud of herself and adorable!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bumpin in Tha Mini Y'all

A New Cousin

Cousin, Hanna Anne joined us April 8th.  She's a sweet, sweet baby girl.  We're looking forward to her becoming A.J.'s BFF!!

First Popsicle of the Season

Dogwoods are blooming, grass is turning green, warmth is in the air...and Ella has devoured her first giant popsicle...Spring Is Here!

Big Girl Car Seat

Just shy of her first birthday, Airlie Jane has moved into her big girl car seat...and she's never looking back! Sitting up and facing forward is the way to ride! I know the pediatricians are now saying they should be rear facing until they're two...but seriously...where do they put their legs??  And while I'm at it...the Odyssey is basically a moving air she's in her big girl seat.  I should's a Britax...look it up...they're pretty safe.

Easter 2010

Airlie's first Easter was a happy one.  Not too much running around and just the right amount of family.  You're probably wondering what the bunny brings for a baby's basket...gerber carrots of course!

Ella had a blast at Babci and Granddad's egg hunt and of course she enjoyed all the sugar.  The bunny also brought her a book and a couple of movies she's been asking for. What a nice bunny.